A Synopsis on Targeting, Favoritism & Discrimination in the Workplace

My time at [unnamedcompany] started at an extreme high after recruitment by my former manager . I came on board to a stellar team. What stood out most to me about the team and the organization is how much management cared about me and assisted in my development. The management team was highly attentive and aware of not only my needs as a team member but the entire team. I enjoyed my job and my role providing Members with the highest quality member service was our ultimate goal. I was an integral part of accomplishing that goal, I had great communications with the entire management team. Within the team I was treated as a Leader and assisted with developing others by being an onboarding coach. After I completed and passed my Certification, I was ultimately promoted from a MSR II to a MSR III, which I worked diligently towards with the support of management.

During this entire process, my girlfriend was pregnant with our first child. My ability to remain focused and be successful during this time was a reflection of the collective effort of the management team! As with any organization changes in the form of transfers and promotions. On Oct 31, my daughter was born and I went on leave until January of the next year. When I returned to work the branch was under new management. I returned to work focused and ready to pick up where I left off, helping to onboard team members, coaching, and learning the vault. To my surprise, the atmosphere was completely different and I could feel a hostility towards me in the branch. I continued to do the same work that allowed me to succeed under former management. I noticed that my supervisor would frequently observe me and analyze everything I did. I would receive feedback from management and other team members that I was not engaging well with the team. I can recall a time where I spoke to a new team member about sending over a Member while I worked on coaching with another team member preparing for her Certification. I received a link from my manager, which followed with a hostile phone call where I was scolded for how I spoke to the team member. I had never experience being talked to like that in a professional environment I was taken aback. I considered responding via email about how I felt about how I was spoke to but I decided to do my best to individually manage the situation. I apologized to the team member although I felt I was not wrong and previous management had set a different standard. At this time I started to realize the changes in the management team might have caused me to reassess my approach to being a part of the team.

During my first One on One with my supervisor, she stated that she had received complaints from other team members that I would use my phone too frequently during work. I felt at this moment I was being targeted for a miniscule part of how I perform my job. We had a conversation in front of the manager about cell phone etiquette, which concluded that I had done nothing wrong. This statement of ‘complaints from other team members’ overall created and huge discomfort within myself, I felt as if team members were watching me and reporting my actions to the supervisor. Although I felt, I am the same Team Member that performed at a high level with the other management team to be seen as a Leader. I was now being ostracized and targeted by my current supervisor. Which I had seen happen previously with a former team member being ‘managed out’. He had been treated unfairly and stopped receiving development and had errors highlighted the same, which had begun to happen to me. He handed in his notice after being pressured for weeks. As I was reviewing my e-appraisal one day I noticed that there was stringent documentation of my arrival times, lunch times, break times, sick days all of this was being closely managed. Followed an email based around the concept of “stealing company time” this deepened my discomfort and stress levels for me and my relationship with the [unnamedcompany], in addition my girlfriend was dealing postpartum depression after the birth of our child. Quitting was at the top of my mind because managing my job was beginning to become so stressful because I felt that my supervisor with possible support from management were actively managing me out. I tried to remain strong minded and continued to do the job at high level, which reflects in the numerous recognitions via the Pulse, and the surveys that come directly from the Member.

Another situation that has occurred in the branch is the favoritism shown towards a newer team member who has a closer relationship with the supervisor. He was hired in January 2018 as a MSR II after coming on board, He struggled at the [blank] branch. He was moved over to the [blank] Branch, to help with staffing needs. After his transfer, I made sure to assist him with anything I could and be a supportive teammate. A few months after his transfer my co-worker was promoted from a MSR III to a MSR IV, a team member that I onboarded before I went on leave I was happy for her and made sure to encourage the rest of the team to be happy for her success. Her promotion created an opening for a full time position at the [blank] Branch our cluster had a few part timers with differing levels of experience. For some strange reason the position was held for open interview and each team member interviewed and the position was ultimately given to the 6 month recently hired MSR II, who does hold a fairly close relationship with the supervisor. With his promotion to full time he also superseded me by becoming the Vault Teller even though I was the MSR III and being trained by the former vault teller to take over. I believe this to be a clear display of favoritism and an attempt at grooming for a management role due to the nature of their personal closeness.

Due to my frustrations, building and my concern for the security of my employment I sought out a conversation with management. I had an extremely candid conversation with management about what I was feeling and the strains in my relationship with my supervisor. In the present moment of the conversation I felt relieved and heard, I felt that my concerns had been heard by management and would be addressed. After that conversation, I continued to work as things were normal and did find a sense of relief from the pressures of my supervisor and additionally I felt that I had an advocate in the branch after another senior team member had been promoted and I had the opportunity to work with at the [blank] Branch things were getting better. I had a one on one with both of my supervisors where I directly asked her what challenges did she have in managing me as a team member she stated the respect factor which I asked her to elaborate on because I have never once been disrespectful to her during my time with credit union. A day or so after, I was asked to sit at the 3rd desk for a conversation with both supervisors — — this consisted of a formal verbal warning with documentation dating back 5/21 although she had begun making documentation sense I first returned from leave. I considered this Verbal Warning a form of retaliation in response to the conversation I had with the manager about my experience with my supervisor. Everything documented on the verbal had been resolved by me if made aware or it was kept from and done in secret. Because this process mentally and emotionally drained me I did not contest. I again decided to move forward and attempt to form a healthy relationship with my branch and my team.

I developed a #TeamMemberService weekly guide to help rebuild branch morale and make sure that team members were okay this was unable to implement although Management stated they supported the idea. I even spoke about my struggles during a recent huddle because it was requested by the manager because I had seemed to be doing better and making strides as a team member. Most recently a team member had left a cup of coffee near a printer and I inadvertently bump into the cup of coffee and it fell into the printer. After my supervisor came into awareness about the cup of coffee being near the printer she instituted a strict ban on all drinks with no lids. A couple days later I had forgotten and grabbed a cup of water because I was thirsty some how the cup slightly spilled, I quickly cleaned it up. In addition to this mix up the newly hired and recently promoted team member had lost her corporate card while buying the branch Pizza at Costco so she has even more frustrated. When I returned from lunch we had a branch huddle where she stated that the use of any cups without lids would be considered “insubordination” and would be grounds for a write up which could then lead to termination. This huddle was followed up with an individual conversation with me, and she reiterated how this was insubordination. At this point, I became frustrated with the constant new ways I was being devalue and demeaned in the work place.

I reached my end-point and started to reflect on the value I am capable of bringing to a team and the stress I am enduring on a daily basis. Everything came to ahead and I decided although I do not have a plan and only leads on new jobs, I would feel better emotionally mentally and physically if I was outside of this hostile environment. As I reflect back on the character of my supervisor, I feel that I was targeted and effectively managed out of the organization. I believed she showed favoritism to other team members including but not limited to the newly hired and recently promoted team member. She also has a noted history of discrimination on two occasions since I’ve been in the branch one of which a possible Elder Abuse situation and the second a client on chex system. On both occasions I can confirm Members were not treated with the highest level of respect. My supervisor has repeatedly presented behaviors that are unprofessional and personally make this a hostile work environment — from her personal relationship with teammembers, to her candid discourse about the starbucks staff in our shopping center. After my first escalation resulted in a Verbal Warning, I don’t feel comfortable going to management out of fear of collusion which deepens my discomfort in my role.

Since returning from leave after the birth of my child I’ve experience a stark contrast in the culture lead by former management to the current regime. I went from a recently promoted potential Leader working in tandem with management to keep the branch headed in the right direction to being isolated and made to feel inadequate as an employee. My work life has been torturous in this current atmosphere, my family life is suffering I spend 8 hours per day unhappy and feeling targeted. Not only is my mental health at risk but my physical as well as I’ve experience an anxiety attack that triggered my asthma my a few weeks ago. Additionally due to the stress I have gained over 40lbs my life has been in shambles as I am facing financial troubles as well. I would prefer to find a more fitting environment where I can be accepted and add value to the team. In conclusion, I am resigning from [unnamedinstitution] because I feel that I am a victim of targeting, favoritism and discrimination by my supervisor.

[I hope that this transparency is beneficial and aids with anyone that may feel that they are being treated unfairly in the workplace — because of ‘who they are’, whether race, gender, or purely philosophical differences we all deserve the opportunity to work and make a living in peace. be vocal don’t compromise and stand up for fair treatment.]

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